Remote Monitor


Sentry is an innnovative  GSM ( mobile phone network) based environment montor. Sentry is designed to be simple to use, by non technical users to remotely monitor

* Presence or Absence of Mains Power
* Temperature
* Humidity

Sentry alerts you , using SMS (Texts) , eMail, or Twitter when the alarms levels you set are exceeded. Works worldwide on any GSM network*

How it Works..

Sentry is always connected to the mobile phone  network.  Internally it senses ambient temperature and humidity using built in sensitive sensors.  In addition it detects when mains power, i.e. what it is plugged into, fails or when that power returns.....

Where can i use it...

You own a holiday or 2nd home, you'd like to know if at any stage the mains power failed, or if in winter there is any danger of it coming close to freezing inside...

You own a boat, its plugged in ( you hope) in a remote marina...

You use heat lamps to aid poultry rearing, you need to ensure they stay on and the nearby temperature doesn't get too cold.....

How do I get one...

We working hard on that right now, stay tuned..

BUT, please click below to register your interest and we'll email you when Sentry is ready to purchase.


Sentry Development Team.

News Update

Sentry is under development right now and is due for launch in late 2012.   Register your interest today